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Can I put hot spring water in the bottle?

Hot spring water contains various ingredients.

It may contain salt, sulfur, iron, etc., which may cause rust and stain easily.

Please do not use hot spring water

When I made hot tea, the color of the tea changed, but is something strange melting out? Does it affect the human body?

When tea is kept at a high temperature, the components (tannins) contained in the tea oxidize and turn brown.

When hot tea is kept warm in a thermos bottle, it is always in a high temperature state, so the oxidation of tannins is promoted by the heat and it turns brown quickly. This happens because the thermos has a heat-retaining effect. This is not a phenomenon caused by the poor quality of thermos bottles.

It is not harmful to the human body, but it also loses its flavor, so please take it as soon as possible. We recommend using a tea pack, etc., so that you can enjoy it deliciously.

Can I use bleach on the bottle to clean it?

Do not clean with bleach.

There are chlorine-based and oxygen-based bleaching agents, but chlorine-based bleaching agents are rust (inside the main body, center spring) and perforated.

It may cause a malfunction such as (inside the main body).

Oxygen-based bleach damages resin parts and packings and can cause drinks to leak.

It may also cause the body to be painted, printed, or the sticker to come off.

KEPE Stainless Bottle Cleaning Agent "Pika Bottle" is also a type of oxygen bleach, but it is diluted and used (standard amount used: 1 L of water).

It can be used for cleaning resin parts and packings because it is packed in one package.

※Please read the manual before use。